The aim of this website is to provide information to readers about the link
between repairing appliances and protecting our natural environment, with the
help of Europart products www.europart.com

This link may seem far removed but through repairing and caring for appliances,
the burden on waste landfill sites is greatly reduced. How?
Quite simply by extending the life of the appliance rather than throwing it away.

This means there is less pollution from hazardous substances seeping into the
ground, less of our countryside is used for waste disposal, biodiversity is
encouraged, and we can all enjoy a healthier, greener environment with less

And so Europart thought of the name "Repair if you Care" to promote this idea
to the consumer.

Indeed European legislation is demanding that industry as well as consumers play
their part in preventing further degradation of the environment - the Waste
Electrical and Electronic Directive (WEEE) 2002/96/EC is a major step forward in
this area. In conjunction with this Directive is the Reduction of Hazardous
Substances Directive  (ROHS)2002/95/EC .

Both Directives can be read and downloaded from the European Union's website; www.europa.eu.int You can also read more about under the legislation heading.